Bright future

Hard time for us who breathe.

Even when a little of that northeast wind blows, we still have the impression that we are suffocating. It’s a terrible feeling when you can’t breathe with full lungs, and so on for days, months, years, …


They say:


“Now you mention this?! But this has been going on for years, and no one has complained!”

And we ask, “Does that mean we don’t have to protest now?” Does that mean that we don’t need to say or do ANYTHING, but wait for the day when we find out that we have fallen ill due to pollution or anxiety that prevails at all levels, as well as pollution?”

It is not easy to live in these days carrying such a burden on your shoulders, especially if you are a parent. A lot is going on in your head: how will you let a child go to school unaccompanied? Will someone bully him at school? Will someone kidnap him while he is returning from school because there is no one to pick him up? Will he inhale PM.2 or PM.10 particles so much  that he gets pneumonia or something worse? Is he going to have 5g network with holographic professors, VR technology, and AI experimental phase? Will he experience a better tomorrow in this world at all ???

As we worry, we think about it, we look for small solutions, we manage.

We plant trees, reduce waste, buy masks, prepare compost for planting gardens, spread our experiences and deeds to encourage people not to put down their heads, but to start acting and change their micro reality. Each according to their abilities.

We suggest:

1. Stay out of town in nature as often as possible;

2. Collect waste wherever you are, because it is now necessary, everywhere;

3. Join our afforestation actions whenever you are in a situation to come and plant “oxygen” for us;

4. Join the group “Save the Amazon in Belgrade” and keep up with the signing of the petition, we need thirty thousand signatures to be able to do something. Now is the time for action. If the petition can be expanded, get involved, if you can volunteer, get in touch.

5. Compost organic waste in the yard, on the terrace, or, together with the neighbors, make a composting site within the green area where the building is located.

It is necessary to find a concreted surface of 2 m2 (maybe a larger area for larger buildings), a fence with pallets or some other material suitable for fencing, in addition, watch to use what you can, without buying new things. Dispose of organic waste and only organic!, take care to dispose of equally wet organic waste – fruit and vegetable residues (not lunch residues), dust, hair, napkins (not toilet paper!!!), unpainted wood residues, half-rotten leaves, twigs, soda paper and clean unpainted cardboard, such as a roll of toilet paper or a box of pizza, and of course, put a board that says ONLY ORGANIC WASTE.

6. Plant a garden wherever you can. If you are in the city, contact the “Baštalište” and join the planting of the city garden, or organize your branch, for example, on the roof of the building. Find out about roof gardens, it is different for a plant when it grows without deep soil.

7. Plant a tree whenever you can. Imagine that we start planting trees in city parks in the hundreds of thousands in 7 days, so they won’t be able to cut as much as we can plant. Of course, buy a tested seedling whenever you have the opportunity, and make sure it is a seedling that is suitable for the urban environment, as well as what kind of soil suits it best.

8. Encouraging a more positive and conscious view of life by good deeds, solidarity, and association.

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