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We are a family that Walks by the Earth.

Our mission is to change for the better, attitudes, habits, actions.

The Earth Walking mission is a never-ending project.

What is a family in Serbia today?

It seems as if having a family means enduring the strongest pressure of today, as well as confronting the fear and uncertainty of what is to come every day because there are generations that have yet to grow up and take the entire burden of today in the future.

We ask ourselves every day: “What awaits us?”

We understand that the years that are accompanied by uncertainty have arrived.

Uncertainty refers to everything a family can expect in the future.

In the past, the uncertainty involved only internal scenarios that meant whether your child would fit in well with society and whether he or she would receive an education so that he or she could provide for his or her offspring.

It was known, you study hard, after that you are guaranteed a job and stability. Trust in the system and the family as the primary base was not even considered as a possible instability that disrupts everyday life.

Today, the notion of (uncertainty) takes a completely different form.

It is an uncertainty in the survival of us as a species, and there it is underlined – what family means.

Few of us are aware of that at this time, and we who are, are taking targeted steps to raise certain bad habits and established patterns of behavior, which have crept in like rot in the years of war and hopelessness, to a higher level.

We will start with the simplest thing, we all have the right to as a human race, and that is – freedom.

When we feel free, we are relaxed and do things according to the principles we grew up with. There are those of us who are lucky who were brought up in the spirit of awareness, although there are many who could not afford it, of course, not on their merit.

The hardest part is the LIMBO effect.

You haven’t done anything wrong, and you feel punished because you are spinning in a circle endlessly trying to find peace, and there is no peace anywhere.

In order not to get into philosophy much, because that is not our goal, we will decide according to what we think has a positive effect on every human being.

We have started recycling and reducing waste. We took bags from JKP and recycled them, for years. Until one day, quite by accident, we saw a truck that puts all the bags in the same mixture and takes them to the landfill. How do we know that?

Here in Serbia, at that time, there were no recycling centers and sorting plants from the primary selection where waste was separated and sent for further treatment. And there are few of them today. We give up JKP’s bags.

We are giving up recycling for a moment, and we are trying to reduce the use of disposable plastic, unaware that we have a man in our neighborhood who has been collecting secondary raw materials for 40 years and he and his entire family exist from their sale.

Composting organic waste, reducing it, and recycling, all come spontaneously and intuitively, with the knowledge that is being built. It is simply felt because even though we are alone, we are part of a community.

We are not giving up, we will not follow the line of least resistance.

We want to give an example to the people around us of how it is possible to change habits, it only takes a little willpower and nothing more than that.

Why is this so important to us?

  1. Children
  2. Children
  3. Children
  4. Children
  5. Children
  6. Children
  7. Children
  8. Children
  9. Children
  10. Children
  11. Children
  12. Children
  13. Children
  14. ………………… … infinitely, then children again.

You don’t understand? You don’t have children? But you are here! And you are someone’s children!

How can you not understand?

Everything is changing at an alarming rate. It will be harder every year, if we don’t start changing our habits now, from the bottom up, completely! We have to understand that there is no time to languish! We must not allow ourselves to be comfortable while everything worthwhile is dying out around us, forests, rivers, animals, entire ecosystems!

What are the steps?

  1. Get back to yourself



  1. Influence the unconscious. The story of “the end of the world as we know it” because it is true.



  1. Planting trees, two, three, forests, with your loved ones, neighbors, friends, colleagues….



  1. Return to the old principles of use of objects and goods (reject the new; repair / use the old; purchase of recyclable materials, if necessary: ​​glass, metal, paper, plastic, but recyclable)



  1. Do not pour medicines, oils, lubricants, paints, toxic things into the drain, do not pollute the water !!! If we continue this way, we will be left without drinking water before 2030!!



  1. Do not throw away clothes (gifts, share, use as patches, sell)



  1. Do not throw light bulbs, batteries, mercury, electronic and electrical devices in municipal waste, in the river, in the woods, or along the road to an illegal landfill, with the help of the Internet, ask where it can be disposed of. This also applies to construction waste.



  1. Make eco-bricks, store material for a dog house, a bench in the yard, a composter where the organic waste will be separated and fertile soil made.

There are so many ways to help ourselves and the Planet.

It’s awful when people don’t even want to take that into account!

Therefore, mind your head as you walk the Earth, every step counts!

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