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Why do you think the planet is turning?

And when was the last time you were turning around your axis, like when you were a child?

And the feeling after a successful turn, huh? I see a smile!

Try to spin more often, in the company of kids, inspire your neighbor to do a pirouette.

Each of us has the power to choose, no matter how much we think we don’t. There is always a choice.

Are you tired?

Do one more pirouette, and cut it back.

Too little for you?

Think before you reach for your wallet.

Ask yourself, why do I need this?

Do you have a choice? Then you don’t have to buy. Wow, pirouette again.

And if you are still one of those tired or dark, dark types who, when asked: “Why don’t you try to change, so that is in the first place, for your good?” answer:

“I don’t want to do that.”

” I do not care.”

“I can’t change anything here.”

Then it’s a shame because you are the one most needed for change to happen.

The study from 2012, which presents an analysis of Serbia’s vulnerability to climate change and is primarily focused on adaptations, ie the possibility of developing a system of adaptation to climate change, says that Serbia still does not have a strategy for developing a system of adaptation to climate change. Many countries in the world are already working hard on the implementation of these important activities on the problem, while it has only been confirmed to us, by scientific, social, and economic research, that we are on the brink of an abyss.

According to regional climate models, we are smiling at the growth of the average annual temperature, by the end of this century, from 2.4 to 2.8 ℃, according to the optimistic scenario.

Are you sure you want to know the pessimistic scenario? An optimist with experience writes to you. So who likes to read…

Now you are wondering, why do we need a strategy for adaptation to climate change at all, why is no solution being worked on?

And I ask you, why don’t you do a pirouette and find yourself again at the same point where you started to spin?

We missed the solution when we were told about it.

The basic document, based on which global efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions are being implemented and coordinated, is the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which was adopted back in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. Although a non-binding act, it provides for protocols, the first of which was signed in Kyoto in 1997, and which entered into force in 2005.

While conventions, protocols, studies, and projects have changed, as they continue to do, little has changed in terms of tackling climate change, especially in Serbia. If I tell you that it is exactly 28 years old from 1992 until today, you will understand how much we “did”.

That is why it is called an adaptation, not a solution, and that is why it is necessary to make pirouettes to untie the gray cells to the widest possible spectrum.

For generations, we lose what is crucial for us to survive, and that is consciousness.

Do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you. Most could pass this exam, hypothetically speaking.

This sounds like a cliché, but it is not: We have to fight like never before, not to change the world, but to change consciousness.

It’s simple, this is the beginning of everything.

· Commitment at the micro-level,

· Connecting and participating in actions and initiatives aimed at the common good,

· Choosing a quality and useful content on networks to share,

· Stepping towards being more active than passive,

· Behaving responsibly towards yourself and others,

· Strengthening the positive pressure to change things systematically

It would be PEACE, because, we did everything in our power and a little more than that.

Wouldn’t it be great if many realized that the time has come to do one “band a curve” and try to spin the Planet again so that it finally turns the pirouettes?

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