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What is important today?
If we ask ourselves, everything is important. But we can’t crucify ourselves that much. We must opt for the essential contexts in this constraint given to us.
Protecting the environment is the most important mission of today for us. The more we understand why exactly THIS topic patches ALL OTHERS, the better it is for the Planet and the living beings in it. Although, there are people who still do not get that we live solely thanks to nature.
We notice that people feel reluctant to clean up someone else’s waste; I guess it’s humiliating to them or something? Rare are those “fools” who cross 25 km to bend down and pick up garbage, and even rarer are the smart ones who cross up to 5 km to clean the landfill. Waste from the local yards, which are now tidy, adorns our forests, coasts, and fields, and the locals are guided by the slogan – “if we don’t see it, it doesn’t exist”. Interestingly, children aged 7 to 12 are regularly bullied during cleanings and what knocks off the feet the most: there are still people convinced that the act of cleaning is a severe disorder.
However, when it comes to planting trees, there is a different perspective. A cleaner job, a better feeling, the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you helped the tree connect with Mother Earth, and the truth that the tree produces the oxygen necessary for a healthier life, produces pure endorphins. Although, there are “pearls” among men who see the bad aspects of any action in everything while most of the time their ass in the armchair is in complete inertia.
The Duboko project was launched to afforest the largest landslide in Europe, as well as for nature lovers to be actively involved in legally planting trees. The fact that you cannot plant a tree in a public area without a permit, as well as the knowledge that it takes a lot of effort to achieve this kind of activity, has posed an important challenge for us.
Duboko Forest is located on the territory of the city of Belgrade, at the end of the settlement Umka and the beginning of Mala Moštanica.
“The genesis of the landslide, between Umka and Barič, apart from the geological predisposition, is closely connected with the erosion of the right bank and the evolution of the Sava meander. This “sliding hotspot” is one of the largest and deepest in our country. In modern conditions, it is dominated by negative anthropogenic impact, spontaneous urbanization, the introduction of water supply without accompanying sewerage, deforestation, canal failure, etc.” text DUBOKO by Petar MITROVIC, Branko JELISAVAC.
Man again.
To redeem our neighbor – the forest and its inhabitants, who escaped from the hunting rifle, or just fled because their natural habitat was destroyed, the forest was cut down, and landfills were left to them in trust – we decided to do our best and start with its continuous renewal, nurturing and cleaning. Because when you have such a treasure near the house, you must be crazy to leave it at the mercy of (un)man !?
For six months we worked on the campaign “Tree by tree plants the forest!” And succeeded in our intention to gather citizens/activists/volunteers/initiatives and organizations in one place in the number that they say brings happiness in itself, 70. We planted 1600 red oak seedlings while drinking tea and eating pie, in less than three hours, lightly. We were supposed to plant three thousand, but JP “Srbijašume” for some reason thought that we could not do that without money support, only with seedlings that would anyway be planted there according to the regular afforestation plan. We thank JP Srbijašume for allowing us to find a way to make the cohesion of the civil sector and the system work.

Because of the system, that’s ALL OF US together!

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