What is the real meaning of Walking by the Earth?

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Maybe some of you have wondered what Walking by the Earth means?

It’s important to understand the moment when your instinct tells you, “Do something.”

Until that moment, you think other people, choices, things, are more important than your instinct. But that feeling is hard to fool, almost impossible, for most!

Walking by the Earth is what we do every day, unquestioningly, implicitly.

And yet, there is so much we could change in the way we walk.

The task we set ourselves, a long time ago, finally took shape, because we realized that if we do not start a new cycle of events, we will hardly be able to keep our small system functional.

We don’t like what the yard we live in looks like, it’s too cluttered with unnecessary things.

We don’t like the street we live in, there is garbage, the neighborhood “breathes” next to the open canal where wastewater flows, the schoolyard looks like a mini landfill, and the center of the settlement, as well as the containers in it, are overloaded.

What do we do now?

We feel trapped and blamed, living a life we ​​don’t want.

Someone once told us, “No one is stopping you from activating your idea,” and he was right.


Spreading awareness of what freedom is, in the sense of the necessary, is an idea.

Love, that’s what moves us;

Ecology, something we need to survive;

Travel, cognition of space and time among people.


That is why we want, from the bottom of our hearts, to thank all the friends who have helped us spin the globe so far.


Be good people W


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